Haringey’s Spyridon Kapsalos deservedly claimed the MVP award with 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists and he was ably assisted in the scoring stakes by Mohammed Sanni-Oba (17 points and 15 rebounds).

Cameron Morris (12 points) and Elliott Quail (10 points) also progressed beyond single-figure tallies for the high-flying Hawks.

Tim Adetukasi was the only player to respond in kind for Brentwood Fire as he came away with 12 points and as many rebounds in ultimately a losing effort.

To their great credit, the Fire still flickered through to the fourth and final quarter, where they scored 18 points and conceded 22.

However, the damage had already been done by that particular stage as Brentwood struggled to contain Haringey’s in-form offence for much of the previous half an hour on the court.

Indeed, it was a 41-point game at 63-22 to Hawks by the end of the third stanza (17-6, 32-11 & 14-5).

Haringey Hawks U16 head coach Franck Batimba said: “I’m really happy for the boys because they work so very hard and they deserve this trophy. It has taken a lot of energy, hours and sweat, but it’s all worth it.

“Our training is very intense, so the games are actually easier than our training sessions. They do a lot of running and physical stuff in training and it all worked out in our favour today. It means everything to us to have won a national title for the very first time.”